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Deciding which journey is right for you

We aim to complete families where the majority have been through a lot of heartbreak and devastation, offering a personal and compassionate service.  We take into consideration dietary and religious needs, so they are always met. We also provide reassurance for what is a very emotional journey.


Traditional Surrogacy

A traditional surrogate is a woman who gets artificially inseminated with either the intended father's sperm or donor sperm using her own eggs and is sometimes a route intended parents go down for there own personal reasons

Gestational Surrogacy

In gestational surrogacy, the child is not biologically related to the surrogate mother, who is often referred to as a gestational carrier. Instead, the embryo is created via in vitro fertilization (IVF), using the eggs and sperm of the intended parents or donors, and is then transferred to the surrogate.


Finding your surrogate

We offer a personal and unique approach to this boutique type agency, and is run 24 hours a day should any emergencies arise Rachel is always contactable and her time is limitless, we assist with matching Intended Parents with surrogates, or assisting already matched Intended Parents and surrogates guiding and assisting throughout their entire journey and beyond. Carrying out all the relevant DBS and health checks required to ensure a smooth journey.

Already Matched Surrogates

We also offer full support for Intended Parents and Surrogates that have already met through other avenues. 

We carry out all the same checks and our services remain the same even if they haven’t met through Nappy Endings.

Everyone that comes to Nappy Endings is treated like a friend with kindness and complete respect.

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Bethan Carr - Family Law Solicitor

Bethan is a Solicitor who advises on all areas of family law however, her specialism is in domestic and international surrogacy arrangements. She frequently advises intended parents on their legal status and has a wealth of experience in UK surrogacy cases.


Bethan has written about surrogacy for a number of publications, including The Times and Glamour magazine, and has previously been nominated for Surrogacy Professional of the Year at the National Surrogacy Awards. She has also appeared on BBC 1’s The Big Questions for a debate on surrogacy. You can follow Bethan on Instagram @thesurrogacysolicitor, where she regularly posts about surrogacy in an attempt to raise awareness and make information more accessible for intended parents and surrogates.


If you have any questions about the legal side of things and would like to contact Bethan, her profile can be found here:


Her email is and she can also be reached on her mobile at +44 (0)7763527087.

Natalie Sutherland - Family Law Solicitor

Natalie is a Partner at specialist family law firm, Burgess Mee, an award winning Legal 500 boutique firm with offices in Clapham, Hammersmith and Islington. Natalie has 15 years’ experience in all areas of family law but has a particular interest and specialism in modern family law, including surrogacy and fertility law. 

Natalie represents UK intended parents in their Parental Order applications, both in respect of domestic and international surrogacy journeys. Natalie also has experience and expertise in assisting intended parents where the surrogacy arrangement has broken down, pursuing all avenues to ensure that the baby remains with the intended parents.  

Natalie regularly features as a guest on podcasts relating to surrogacy, writes regular articles as well as hosting informative webinars providing invaluable advice to UK intended parents seeking information about US and Canadian surrogacy journeys. Natalie can be found on Instagram @themodernfamilylawyer and on Twitter @NatalieS_lawyer. 

You can find out more about Natalie by visiting her profile here 

Natalie can be contacted via email and via Direct Dial 0203 824 9957. 

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Nomy Cohen - Fertility Support & Counsellor

UKCP Registered and Member of AFT and BICA
Nomy has worked in supporting individuals and couples experiencing Infertility since she first qualified and has grown to become extremely passionate about supporting those going through IUI, IVF, miscarriage, donation, solo parenting ,and Surrogacy.
During her career, Nomy has been privileged to work with some of the top Consultants in the field of Infertility which has broadened her knowledge and appreciation of the medical issues surrounding Infertility.
Nomy has also learned from working in this area how isolating and painful this journey can be, and how this can impact relationships. She sees her role as supporting people in this process, assisting them in making decisions regarding treatment, and helping partners to communicate more effectively. By working together, Nomy believes she can help people find ways to reduce the impact that infertility has on their lives and develop stratagies to help.
Nomy has more than 25 years of experience in providing counselling, support and Implications in Infertility.
If you would like to arrange an appointment with her, please use the following:
Phone: 07973416314


The Mindful Birth Group

The Mindful Birth Group hypnobirthing courses & doula services are here to help you enjoy the pregnancy and birth of your long-awaited baby, whether you are the intended parents or the surrogate

Surrogacy: Legal right of parents and surrogates

Please visit the link below to find out the government advice on legal rights for parents and surrogates.

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