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Fertility Support

Fertility Support

Although being a surrogate has been an amazing experience, it has also opened my eyes to the world of fertility struggles many people go through, myself included. Along my journeys I’ve suffered an ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, chemical pregnancies and a vanishing twin myself aswell as the hard journey of 3 medicated embryo transfers. I’ve met many people since Iooking into surrogacy and becoming a surrogate back in 2011. Even more since we opened nappy endings in 2017, I've seen the heartbreaking journeys and frustrations, devastating losses, gruelling procedures they have endured and because of this I feel I can also offer a sympathetic ear and understanding.

Nappy endings isn’t only a surrogacy agency that supports surrogacy exclusively, we also also offer a service where by we support you on any fertility journey no matter what route you are taking. This is done by listening, sharing experiences, understanding and being there 24/7. Even when your awake all night the night before a big appointment, or awaiting results and just need that reassurance or someone to talk to.


Health, Movement, Wellbeing

Our mission is to ensure both Surrogate  and intended parent feel safe and secure on a journey we insure every intended parent and Surrogate are DBS checked as well as a full physical and mental health history background check with letter supported by their GP which is provided to us upon request

Our aim is to complete families where the majority have been through a lot of heartache and devastation Offering a personal and compassionate and friendly service with our clients, we respect any specific needs and dietary requirements and religious needs are taken into account and are always met with we provide reassurance for what is and can be a very emotional journey 

We believe this journey should be affordable and a journey anybody can go on, therefore, our purpose is to focus on individual needs.

Tiny Feet

"My husband and I joined Nappy Endings when they were in the early days of starting up so we have got to know Rachel very well.


Both Ursula and Rachel are welcoming, caring and supportive which is really important when going through something which can be an emotional journey at times. Rachel has a policy of being able to contact her 24/7 (both surrogate and parents) which is really reassuring when you need someone to reassure, or advise you on what to do and when. I think the reason Rachel is so good at what she does is because she has been a surrogate and so knows the medical, legal and emotional side of it all.


We have been lucky to have been matched with a surrogate through Nappy Endings and are in the early stages of pregnancy. You don’t realise how much you feel a bond for your baby even though someone else is carrying it. So a massive thank you for making our wish come true Nappy Endings."

- Intended Parent -

"I'm extremely happy with the service I've received from Nappy

Endings. Having explored the journey with other surrogacy

agencies, I concluded that Rachel and Ursula offer a unique

personalised approach which instinctively felt the right fit for me.


Rachel's extensive personal experience with surrogacy combined with

her insightful, empathetic, compassionate, problem-solving

approach has made a material difference to my pathway to parenthood.

She is always responsive and generous with her time, sharing her wealth

of knowledge and proactively looking at ways to support you.  She

manages to maintain the perfect balance of professionalism and

kindness; consistently demonstrating that she is personally invested

in helping you fulfil your dream.

Surrogacy has changed my life and having Rachel alongside me

has enhanced the journey immensely; I wouldn't hesitate to

recommend Nappy Endings."

- Intended Parent - 

- Surrogate -

"Nappy endings are the first and only agency I went with as a first-time surrogate .. Rachel and Ursula were amazing from day one but they really proved themselves when things went unexpected (finding out I was carrying triplets) had a lot of complications through the pregnancy. Premature labour, early bleeding etc and they were literally there day and night to answer my calls or texts when I was worried or upset. They are now both friends for life and I couldn’t recommend them enough. I look forward to my next journey xx a w surrogate"

- Surrogate -

"Having been a surrogate with nappy endings from the beginning, I love the fact that Rachel is experienced, has empathy and is always available at the end of the phone 24 hours a day. I always feel in safe hands as her knowledge and expertise is limitless. I really do have great admiration and respect for the team at nappy endings and class Rachel and Ursula as friends (surrogate Kelly)."

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