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Get to know Nappy Endings


Rachel Westbury and Ursula Pandoo

Nappy Endings is a surrogacy agency run by Rachel Westbury who, through her own personal surrogate journeys, wants to share her experience with others.  Rachel’s strengths are being able to match intended parents (IPs) to their surrogates and offering 24-hour personal support to IPs and surrogates through their entire journey.
Rachel has been on a number of journeys as a surrogate mother.  She has also worked tirelessly to help many others along their surrogacy journeys.

Nappy Endings offer a personal and unique approach to this boutique type agency and is run 24 hours a day should any emergencies arise Rachel is always contactable and her time is limitless they assist with matching ips with surrogates or assisting already matched IP(s) and surrogates guiding and assisting throughout there entire journey and beyond.



Rachel Westbury

Rachel has been a surrogate since 2011 both traditional and gestational so has a full understanding of both journeys.

Rachel has endured complications and seen both the highs and lows of any journey so fully understands any eventualities and offers complete compassion and guidance through her own experience Rachel has appeared on this morning telling her story and through her journey has a wealth of knowledge in the Surrogacy field there is rarely a question Rachel can’t answer.

Every journey anyone goes on Rachel fully goes on it with them from the introduction and first appointments through to parental order completion.


Ursula Pandoo

Ursula has a wealth of knowledge and understanding through supporting Rachel throughout the last eleven years.


She has vast admin skills along with compassion and confidence making the perfect asset to  Nappy Endings she has supported all of the highs and lows and given Rachel, the confidence to get Nappy Endings started back in 2017 and they both work well as a team.


As well as being best friends and business partners and she is also a very caring and compassionate person

Briana pic.jpg


Briana - US Manager

Bri is a mother to two little ladies and also has three surro babes. She has carried for the same family all three times, with the first being born in 2017, the second in 2020 and her final journey in 2022.


Her IPs and herself have taken it upon themselves to create their own view of what surrogacy is; a journey filled with endless compassion, love and generosity, sprinkled with a little fun, lots of laughs and countless new experiences shared together between the 8 of us.  

Surrogacy is something that she is extremely passionate about, so it only felt natural to share her experiences, in an effort to benefit other surrogates and Intended Parents! The knowledge that she has gained through her personal journeys, is something that benefits her greatly while walking this delicate path with other families!

- Intended Parent - 

"My husband and I joined Nappy Endings when they were in the early days of starting up so we have got to know Rachel very well.


Both Ursula and Rachel are welcoming, caring and supportive which is really important when going through something which can be an emotional journey at times. Rachel has a policy of being able to contact her 24/7 (both surrogate and parents) which is really reassuring when you need someone to reassure, or advise you on what to do and when. I think the reason Rachel is so good at what she does is because she has been a surrogate and so knows the medical, legal and emotional side of it all.


We have been lucky to have been matched with a surrogate through Nappy Endings and are in the early stages of pregnancy. You don’t realise how much you feel a bond for your baby even though someone else is carrying it. So a massive thank you for making our wish come true Nappy Endings."

- Intended Parent -

"I'm extremely happy with the service I've received from Nappy Endings. Having explored the journey with other surrogacy agencies, I concluded that Rachel and Ursula offer a unique personalised approach which instinctively felt the right fit for me.


Rachel's extensive personal experience with surrogacy combined with her insightful, empathetic, compassionate, problem-solving approach has made a material difference to my pathway to parenthood.

She is always responsive and generous with her time, sharing her wealth of knowledge and proactively looking at ways to support you.  She manages to maintain the perfect balance of professionalism and kindness; consistently demonstrating that she is personally invested in helping you fulfil your dream.

Surrogacy has changed my life and having Rachel alongside me has enhanced the journey immensely; I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Nappy Endings."

- Surrogate -

"Nappy endings are the first and only agency I went with as a first-time surrogate .. Rachel and Ursula were amazing from day one but they really proved themselves when things went unexpected (finding out I was carrying triplets) had a lot of complications through the pregnancy. Premature labour, early bleeding etc and they were literally there day and night to answer my calls or texts when I was worried or upset. They are now both friends for life and I couldn’t recommend them enough. I look forward to my next journey xx a w surrogate"

- Surrogate -

"Having been a surrogate with nappy endings from the beginning, I love the fact that Rachel is experienced, has empathy and is always available at the end of the phone 24 hours a day. I always feel in safe hands as her knowledge and expertise is limitless. I really do have great admiration and respect for the team at nappy endings and class Rachel and Ursula as friends (surrogate Kelly)."

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