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Nappy Endings - November 2023 Newsletter

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

November 2023 Newsletter

Law Commission: Report on Surrogacy Law Reform in the UK

On November 8, a meeting was held at The Houses of Parliament. They came together to further discuss surrogacy laws and regulations. Unfortunately, nothing was decided in this session. We were told that it is unlikely that they will consider the bill before the general election next year (May 20, 2024).

What does this mean for surrogacy?

  • For now, things will continue until the change just as they were when you had your initial registration meeting.

  • Nappy Endings remains a trusted agency on the HFEA and will be updated continuously as and when these changes happen. While we understand the frustration in the law delay, hopefully, this offers you reassurance that we are still the trusted boutique agency that you've come to know and love.

  • We will continue to raise awareness through PR and media (discussed further in detail as you read on).

Along the way, we will make sure to keep you updated and answer any questions.

Media and Recognition

Between interviews, podcasts, and social media posts, we have been busy! We've even received a couple of awards! Check it all out:

Social Media:

  • We took a little break from our Facebook page while we were making a few changes and improvements in-house, but we are happy to say we are back and beyond excited to continue sharing more news and updates with everyone!

  • Check out our October Updates video on here.

  • Sadly without the ability to directly advertise, we rely heavily on social media platforms and PR to help us raise awareness.

  • Click the buttons below to follow us on our socials:


  • Nappy Endings recently received the Lux Life Parent & Baby Award for Best Surrogacy & Fertility Support Company 2023 - South East England (link)

We've also been been recognised in the USA as a trusted agency and are now featured on the SEEDS website as a recommended agency.

  • SEEDS - Society for Ethics for Egg Donation and Surrogacy

  • (link)


  • We have recorded a new episode with the Gentle Touch podcast. This will go live within the next 4 weeks. We will email you the link.

  • We've also been interviewed on other podcasts. However, their release dates are yet to be confirmed. Stay tuned!


  • We are continuing to film with various TV networks. Which are still in the development stage. Again, we will confirm as soon as they go into production.


  • We will continue with the campaigns to get surrogacy talked about, educate people, raise awareness, and find surrogates, in order to get your journeys started as soon as possible.

Good News

We continue to have some new surrogates apply and the waiting list is reducing, while we understand the wait can be an anxious time, we want to reassure you we are doing everything we can to bring in surrogates and we thank you for your patience!

This has been our busiest year by far for us and with all that we are doing and have planned going forward, we're hoping for an even busier year of getting more families started on their journeys!

Additionally, we have decided to start doing newsletters more often. Yay! Get ready for more frequent updates. These will be sent out but also available on our website under our Blog section.

We'd also like to officially introduce a new member to our Nappy Endings Team, Jackie! Whilst we were sad to see Anna leave due to other work commitments, we welcome Jackie and her vast admin/computer skills, her empathic approach, and her constant amazing new ideas (we have a lot in the works and all will be revealed soon)! If you need to contact her for anything, please email her at , and she will be more than happy to assist you. She handles anything admin-related, journey support, and other things in between.


As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our communication channels, we have decided to upgrade our email system to better serve you. Please note that our previous email address is no longer active. Instead, please update your records to reflect our new email address:

We would also like for you to note our opening hours and contact details:

GMT Time Zone (UTC+0)

​Monday to Friday 9 am – 6 pm: 07 922 424 943 **Outside of these hours please email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.** In cases of emergency only, please call: 07 922 424 943

Whilst we love the use of WhatsApp — it’s quick, easy, and direct — we would like to request that all our lovely ip’s and surrogates send any documentation that is requested or needed before, during, and after the journey to us via (our new) email. This is to avoid misplaced documents, to have receipts for our database, and for your individual profiles.

On behalf of myself and the rest of the Nappy Endings team,

thank you for being here with us!


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