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Nappy Endings - March Newsletter

March 2024 Updates

2024 is already off to a quick start!

Step into spring with our March newsletter, where we have exciting updates and plenty of reasons to smile. Join us as we welcome a new season of opportunities, events, and happiness!

Media and Recognition

Social Media:

Check out our February 2024 Updates video:

Sadly, without the ability to directly advertise, we rely heavily on social media platforms

and PR to help us raise awareness.

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Laura Crawford launched Mama Bamboo in 2018. It offers an alternative to the damaging plastic nappies, which take 500 years to decompose.

Rachel was invited to speak and record a new episode on Laura's Mama Bamboo podcast, Nappy Changing and Brand Building.

The link to listen to it should be released soon.

We will make sure to pass that along to everyone. 🙂


On February 4, Rachel was on the BBC1 (SUNDAY MORNING LIVE) defending surrogacy. She was joined by one other panellist (against surrogacy) for this debate.


The question for the discussion was: Does everyone have a right to be a parent?

You can re-watch this on the BBC Player (click here).


If you're approached by or find your own surrogate (via social media, personal connections, etc.), before you invest too much time getting to know them, please reach out to us. We will make sure to complete all of the relevant checks and ensure they are true to who they say they are. Once confirmed, we will continue to coordinate your journey as usual.


The waiting list:

Whilst we are mindful that the wait can seem long, and unfortunately, it is impossible to predict when a surrogate will come forward and apply, we want to reassure you that we are doing all we can to ensure any new surrogates that apply are screened thoroughly. We would rather turn down someone than connect you with a surrogate who gives us cause for concern. We want your journey to be as smooth as possible.

We are doing everything we can to continue to raise surrogacy awareness - - sharing journeys and stories and taking ay opportunity to speak about surrogacy that comes our way. That being said, we have had a few surrogates return recently, others who recently delivered and are currently resting (and would like to come back). The waiting list is moving along nicely!

We will send out another update after the next HFEA meeting on April 18.

If you haven't already, please check out their official website, where you will find us listed as one of five trusted surrogacy agencies in the UK.


We understand that emergencies can happen at any time, which is why we are available for 24/7 support. However, we kindly ask that you try to respect our opening hours.

Contact us outside of these hours only in cases of emergency that cannot wait until the next business day. Respecting opening hours is important as it allows our team to provide the best service possible during our designated working hours.

Thank you for your understanding!

We would also like for you to note our opening hours and contact details.

GMT Time Zone (UTC+0) Monday to Friday 9 am – 6 pm: 07 922 424 943 **Outside of these hours please email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.** In the case of emergency only, please call: 07 922 424 943

Whilst we love the use of WhatsApp, we would like to request that all our lovely IPs and surrogates send any documentation that is requested or needed before, during, and after the journey to us via email. This is to avoid misplaced documents, to have receipts for our database, and for your individual profiles.

As always, thank you so much for trusting us to help you on your journey. 

We are truly honored!


- The Nappy Endings Team – 


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