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Nappy Endings - June Newsletter

June 2024

In last month's newsletter, we announced that we would be adding a team of registered midwives to the Nappy Endings family as an additional service to our registered IP(s). From Rachel's personal experience, she can confidently say that these ladies are amazing! Teresa delivered the twins on Rachel's first journey and Sue has been her midwife throughout all of her journeys and a constant support!

We would like to take the time to introduce these wonderful ladies to you and to give you more information. We haven't launched this on our website yet, but we wanted our Nappy Endings family to hear it from us first. So, here we go!

Meet Sue Ryan

Hi! My name is Sue Ryan and I am very much looking forward to

joining the Nappy Endings family.

I am a registered midwife with the NMC. I qualified with a BSc degree in midwifery in 2005, and I have 28 years of service with the NHS, with 25 of those years spent within maternity. After completing my training in 2005, I worked in the delivery suite and midwife-led birth unit, offering one-to-one care during labour and birth. I have experience as a Band 7 midwife in a specialist role in the community setting and more recently as a Team Coordinator of a team of midwives offering the continuity of carer model.

I am trained in hypnobirthing and am qualified in infant massage.

I retired from the NHS in 2022 but continue to work as a midwife covering the community setting and triage within a busy maternity unit. I have always been passionate about the importance of one-to-one, individualized care during the pregnancy/birth/parenthood journey, and I understand that pregnancy is not a one-size-fits-all service.


On a personal level, I am a wife, a mother of 3, and a grandmother to 4. I enjoy spending free time with my family, my pony, and country walks with my dog, Buddy.

I look forward to working with you!

Meet Teresa Keene

Hi, my name is Teresa Keene! I also am looking forward to being part of

the Nappy Endings family.

I have been a registered midwife since 2005 and have worked in maternity services since 1997, supporting women/birthing people for over 26 years. A majority of my career has been spent working in the community setting offering individualized care in ante-natal and post-natal services, as well as supporting and facilitating the labour and birth experience. I have years of experience in antenatal education sessions and providing information on labour/birth choices and mechanics, as well as preparation for parenting.

At home, I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I enjoy spending time with my family and taking walks with our dog, Luna. I very much look forward to meeting you on your journey of birthing your baby and supporting the transition into parenthood.

Midwifery Service Packages

Waterlily Package: ANTE NATAL & POST NATAL CARE £4,200

  • Personal care throughout pregnancy and postnatal period for 4 weeks, at a location and time that is convenient to you. We are happy to travel but please be aware that this may incur an added fee for mileage and overnight stay if requested. TBA with IP(s) and surrogate.

  • Following an initial meet and greet either face to face or via ZOOM call, we will provide all your scheduled antenatal appointments:

    • 8-10 weeks,16 weeks, 20 weeks, 24 weeks, 28 weeks, 31 weeks, 34 weeks, and 36 weeks the weekly visits to birth.

  • During the appointments we will complete blood pressure and urine analysis, check the baby’s heartbeat from 16-18 weeks, measure baby from 24 weeks, and check baby’s position. Birth Preparation and Parenting Sessions:

  • We can offer 2-hour sessions either at home or via ZOOM. During the sessions we explore your thoughts and wishes for birth, we explain the mechanics of the birth process and how you can help with this, and we can offer advice on pain relief options.

  • We discuss what happens once you are in hospital and can be your advocate at your chosen place of birth to find out what is available for you.

  • We will explain what to expect from your recovery following the birth and the first few days and weeks at home with baby as well as feeding advice.

  • At a negotiated fee, we may be able to offer overnight stays for IP(s), if desired. These sessions are usually held from 32=36 weeks.

NOTE - Surrogates will be encouraged to book at their chosen hospital as this ensures that they have the history available when they attend in labour and for delivery. The hospital will also arrange scans, screening, and blood tests.

Bluebell Package: POSTNATAL CARE £1,300

  • Initial meet-and-greet, with a detailed discussion of your journey so far, your birth plans, and any concerns you may have. We will then help you with planning for what to expect in the days following the birth.

  • Daily contact in the first 5 days at home with the baby and a postnatal check on the surrogate.

  • You may find the first few days a little overwhelming and have some unexpected emotions that we can assist you with, we aim to help you feel at ease and more confident in caring for and getting to know your baby.

  • Feeding support is on hand 24 hours during this time. You will be provided with contact details.

  • Baby will be due a newborn blood spot test on day 5 and a weight check.

  • We will continue to visit or phone contact whichever suits you until day 12.  We will be available by phone contact during this time.

Daisy Package: POSTNATAL CARE £1,700

  • The same as Bluebell Package, with contact for up to 4 weeks after the birth of baby. This can include overnight stays if requested. (Additional cost may be required; negotiable)

  • During this time, we can support you with caring for your newborn baby, answering questions, and helping with infant feeding. We will also monitor your baby’s weight.

Contact will continue for a full 4 weeks with 24-hour access by phone.

Lavender Package £500

  • A course of infant massage sessions at a time and location that suits you and the baby.

  • Infant massage combines Swedish and Indian massage strokes, which have been proven to help with bonding, wind and colic, arm and leg strength as well as teething and relaxation. Typically, 5 x 2-hour sessions.

Rose package £500

  • Ideal for those who would benefit from having 24-hour telephone support throughout pregnancy and postnatal. You will be provided with contact details on how to speak to Sue or Teresa for advice and support. Snowdrop Package: £180

  • A one-off postnatal visit at a time that suits you. This may include an overnight stay (at an extra fee for travel and accommodation). This may help with settling in with your newborn and infant feeding advice. Cherry Blossom Package: £80

  • An option for those who may just want a one-off telephone support call and advice either in the ante-natal or the postnatal period.

Note: The regulations and insurance around providing full care, including birth care and home-birth have changed dramatically over recent years. For this reason, we have decided to stop offering birth care and instead focus on providing gold-standard antenatal and postnatal care packages. Please feel free to contact us if you have any particular needs or requests that have not been already mentioned and we will do our best to support you.

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Opportunity for IP(s):

We have recently connected with Sonja Klug, the co-founder of Storydo. We think this is such a beautiful option and opportunity for our Nappy Ending families and we couldn't wait to tell you more!

Storydo is a new and innovative resource designed for parents through donor conception. Parents can make a bespoke book, telling their unique family story, simply by answering questions and uploading photos. The book will include everything, from grandparents to their best holidays, as well as a section about the child’s conception. 

Storydo books can be made from when the baby is a few months old, and are aimed at children up to 7 years of age and integrate the child’s conception into the whole family story, also helping parents to harness the positive power of family storytelling. Their books are inclusive and celebrate all types of families, from solo parents by choice to same-sex and blended families. 

To learn more, feel free to ask us or check out their website and email Sonja directly at:


We understand that emergencies can happen at any time, which is why we are available for 24/7 support. However, we kindly ask that you try to respect our opening hours.

Contact us outside of these hours only in cases of emergency that cannot wait until the next business day. Respecting opening hours is important as it allows our team to provide the best service possible during our designated working hours.

Thank you for your understanding!

We would also like for you to note our opening hours and contact details.

GMT Time Zone (UTC+0) Monday to Friday 9 am – 6 pm: 07 922 424 943 **Outside of these hours please email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.** In the case of emergency only, please call: 07 922 424 943

As always, thank you so much for trusting us to help you on your journey. 

We are truly honored!


- The Nappy Endings Team – 

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